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Project Description
The library contains Data Source Control for XAML forms. The control extends proxy class to get an access to OData Services(created by Visual Studio) and cooperates with others Silverlight GUI controls. The control supports master-detail, paging, filtering, sorting, validation, changing data. You can append your validation rules. It works like a Data Source Control for RIA Services.

You can try Live demo here

In detail, there are three basic classes: ODataSource, ODataSourceView and Entity.
  1. ODataSource is a control and you can use it in XAML Forms.
  2. ODataSourceView is a class which contains a data set. ODataSourceView has the following interfaces: IEnumerable, INotifyPropertyChanged, INotifyCollectionChanged, IList, ICollectionView, IPagedCollectionView ,IEditableCollectionView.
  3. Entity is a class for one data record and has the following interfaces: IDisposable, INotifyPropertyChanged, IEditableObject, IRevertibleChangeTracking, IChangeTrackin.

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